What A Long, Strange Trip…

Yes, I’ve been notably absent. Struggling thru work, making things, trying to keep Thing 2 from eating ally possessions. Ain’t easy!

But now that the Con is done and I can breathe for a bit, I’m back. I’m buried under a lot of debt, so I can’t say how many more Cons are in my future. Like everything else, they go up, up, up. Craft fairs might be an option, and I’ve got nothing against them, but many are outdoors, where my stuff doesn’t fare so well (paper products meet damp, humidity, and breezy winds).

Maybe I should start a GoFundMe or Kickstarter for Con funds, but I’ve always been against asked ng for money.

Or help. I’m not good at asking for help.

But anyway, here are a few newer items, and I’m revamping the Square shop. Etsy charges for the listing, Square just charges after a sale.

These are just a couple pieces available. I hope to transition fully to that shop soon, but we’ll see (some of Etsy’s mechanics are easier).

Keep an eye peeled here and on the Trials page for updates, events I’ll be at, and new pieces.


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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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