Quick…It’s November

For real, where the hell did August, September, and October go? For that matter, where did the beginning of November go? I guess time flies when you’re having fun, and Halloween and my birthday in Texas were both awesome fun.

I suppose now, time is going to FLY towards the holidays, which will be here before you know it. Then they’ll be over, and we’ll have the unadulterated grey misery of January, February and March. Nothing to really look forward to until Memorial Day.

So…the holidays. Here comes the plug. You knew that had to be coming, because I haven’t done one in forever, right?

Saratoga Comic Con. Long overdue, courtesy of Covid. Honestly, I’m still a little hesitant, even vaccinated, but having a table will keep me at a distance from the crowd (and even outside of Covid, the truth is I’m an introvert and crowds make me uneasy). I think a Con will be a much-needed outing, and I want to reconnect with my customers, and we all need a good dose of fantasy and cosplay and art and plain old fun.

I’ve started a few new series, and I’ve also begun working in watercolors, which I enjoy (altho I still have a strong preference to my plain old blue-black & white). I have the Cards Fortuna, which at this point may never be realized as a deck because getting a deck printed is pricey, but the ones I did have turned out lovely and could make nice coasters.

I’m doing some nursery rhymes a la Mother Goose, and some Grimm tales:

And what I call “Ghoulies”…a variety of characters with sugar-skull style heads…

And a glimpse at a few of the Cards Fortuna, right now only available as coasters. Not all of the Cards have been created, and of the ones that are, not all have been made into coasters yet. Some of the coasters are also from my Major Arcana collection…

I’m also breaking out a new array of jewelry, and I’ll have the usual books, magnets, tiles, and prints loose and matted.

Come say hi, bring a mask. I’ll bring the sanitizer. Get some air, socialize, see pretty shiny things. Pick up some unique holiday gifts, see some fabulous makeup and costumes. Books are great stocking stuffers. Prints or mini-cards of D&D monsters for your bestest bud gamer. Art on ceramic tiles as coasters is very different. I have all kinds of different interpretations of classic things like gods and goddesses, the Zodiacs, bedtime stories…and there’s always Undead Oz.

Nov 20-21 at the Saratoga City Center…show up or blow up!

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