Why So Bitter?

You’ll be thrilled to know this isn’t a political post. I seldom do them anyway, and my feelings are that by this point, you know where I stand. Not likely to change anyone’s minds, nor are they likely to change mine, so onward and upward.

No, this is about social media and spreading hate again, but in a different format. I had to get this one off my chest.

Community pages. Great concept, but then filled to brimming with hateful, bitter assholes who have nothing to do but bitch. I’m not going to name my community, by the way. If you know me, you already know it. If you don’t, maybe you’ve had experiences with a Facebook page for your own community, because I hear they have a lot of this in common.

I was on a page for my community years ago. It wasn’t the same one I’m on now. It was more of a historical page. People found old photos of what the city looked like in days gone by. Here’s this intersection circa 1957, or here’s the old such and such building in 1942…you know this stuff. And it’s cool. I loved it. Or old pics of high school classes, trying to find your parents or relatives in the faces of events from decades ago.

But oh, the bitching. Even this page, mostly devoted to sharing neat photos, had more than its fair share of moaners, groaners, and overall crabs. Especially when the best-known church was demolished to make room for the local big supermarket (I may have given my community away with that). Yeah, ok, so a beloved landmark was taken down. I get it. Progress is painful like that, and for a supermarket? Maybe that wasn’t even really progress. But said landmark had a damaged roof that was $4 mil to repair. And like Hoffman’s Playland in another community, it’s loss was griped about by a lot of folks who hadn’t been there in years.

In short, people went on bitching about this incident (among others) well after it was over with. Too much negativity. It outweighed the fun of the old-tyme pics, and I left the page.

This page is more news-oriented, so I joined back up. There’s really good stuff, too. Water main breaks. Any changes to trash pick-up. Projects in the city, like National Grid replacing gas lines. And with Covid, the announcing of food pantries and free meals and other updates. Damn, this is a fine community page, right? This is what I signed up for, and I love it. A couple of businesses periodically showcase themselves, too.

But then. Then there’s the same old, same old.

“Why do the garbagemen throw my trash all over? They’re lazy.” “Everyone at McDonalds is rude.” “Why don’t the police do something about people speeding down the hill into the city?” “I saw 10 kids playing together and none of them had masks, where are their parents?”

Tip of the iceberg. Some of them are absolutely assinine. Someone started in with “why doesn’t the city do something about all the skunks?”. I mean, is that a joke? Skunks are natural creatures, and we’ve uprooted them from their homes, and they eat ticks and other pests…now you want the police, or who the hell knows, the garbagemen maybe, to run around and corral them up and then…ship them to another state? Or the ones who ask if there will be trash pickup on Labor Day. Has there EVER been trash pickup on Labor Day? Not to mention, 4 other people already posted the holiday schedule.

So, here’s some of MY suggested rules regarding community pages.

Don’t be a twat.

If you’re one of those nasty people who do nothing but look out your window and find fault with everyone else in the universe, don’t join. All you miserable shits can go make your own page. If they’re rude to you at McDonalds, or Walgreens, maybe check your own attitude. At worst, in either place, I’ve gotten apathy, but usually, if I’m nice, they’re nice. In all fairness, I can’t speak about going into McDonalds, since I haven’t set foot inside in years, but on the rare occasions I use the drive-through, those people are fine. Yes, people speed down the hill, and go thru stop signs, and yes, I wish the police would step that up, but there’s only so many of them, and it happens everywhere. The person who flew thru the stop sign and nearly T-boned you is most likely NOT reading your rant. The garbagemen do a decent enough job for the hurry they’re in. They hurry because you’ll also bitch if they fall behind and your trash doesn’t get picked up.

Everyone is also up in arms over a new bike path. That, I understand. It’s a project the city spent money on that probably wasn’t necessary considering the bike traffic we get, and the danger of narrowing a road. HOWEVER….if you all have THAT much to say about it, start a new page or group. It’s built, the money spent, making a new post every other day won’t undo any of it.

My point? Community. Get out, know yours. You have legit gripes, then say them constructively. Stop sitting behind curtains, finding fault every time you peek out. In fact, stop peeking out. If you aren’t involved, you don’t know what’s going on. Get to know people. Make an effort.

Stop spreading anger and hate when there’s already so much of it around.

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