Welcome, July…Maybe.

I don’t know, what will July bring? Fireworks? Too late, they’ve been blasting around several neighborhoods for weeks. The murder hornets couldn’t take it here and bailed already. Africa beat us to the locust game. Sahara sand is passing through, but overrated. Maybe August will bring a meteor. Right about now, humanity deserves it.

It sure as hell isn’t bringing a vaccine or cure, but keep bellyaching about masks. I’m not going to lie, it makes me uncomfortable after about 10 minutes, but knowing I could pass a deadly virus to someone trying to live makes me a lot MORE uncomfortable. I spent the good portion of my life dealing with PMS. 30-40 minutes of a stifling mask ain’t gonna break me.

Anyway, not my topic tonight. The anti-mask, all lives matter, anti-vaxholes are probably not the ones reading my blog (and if they were, HAH, bet they’ve stopped right about now). I wanted to spread some good news.

For me, at least. Employment has been good so far, and I’m feeling mostly better about life in general. Even anti-social ol’ me is enjoying some limited human contact. Spirit’s less than pleased that Mommy isn’t home all day, but until he gets a job, someone has to pay the rent and buy cat food.

I’ve returned to making jewelry. I put some on my Square site and some on Etsy. Any support you could give on that or Amazon is appreciated, since having Cons canceled or postponed for several months has hurt a bit. I still do commissions, and if you see anything on the Trials page, you can IM there for prices and availability. Jewelry, magnets, prints, books…it’s all for sale. If you’re local to Albany, you can even have it signed and maybe get it a lot faster by going thru me personally.


Work has slowed on book 3 again, although it’s finally plotted out in my head, and has a title. I get home a bit later, and I’m tired (but I’m sleeping better, so there’s a bonus), but still trying to get some done over weekends.

Black Symphonic image 0

Now, back to grandstanding. But it’ll be brief.

Enough with the goddamn “If you can blah blah, repost. I bet you can’t.”

I honestly don’t give a bag of duck shit if I can or can’t. Let me address the most common ones here (the “did you work during lockdown” I’ve already addressed). I have never watched Tiger King, don’t want to, don’t care. Yes, I’m old enough to know what that is. Yeah, that one they still make. No, I won’t repost. No, I won’t describe how I met you in one word. In fact, I won’t do it in thirty words. I won’t copy/paste, type “amen”, or give out a lot of personal information.

Rosie image 0

I mean, shit, I got enough divorced horny twatmongers trying to message me on Instagram. I’m about my art, sharing a love of nature and beauty, and peace, and making beautiful things for the soul, and music. If I were looking for a soulmate, ok, honestly, I doubt I would try anything online, but I’d at least go thru a site meant for that purpose. Instagram and LinkedIn? ARE YOU KIDDING?

He may be a great person, but I’m an introvert, and don’t handle strangers particularly well, and interaction with strangers is downright painful for me (and yet I’m eternally lonely, yes, I get the irony of that, but it’s one of the intricacies of anxiety and depression where your brain is constantly arguing with itself). Seriously, you want art, email me, or use the Trials of a Demon Prince Facebook page, and if you’re interested in what I do, not even to buy, but to discuss methods or materials or inspirations, or you’re an artist, we can talk.

There we go, some good news, and a mini-rant. Gosh, that was like…multi-tasking?!! WOW.

Brown beaders image 0

Tomorrow, we’ll try to address coloring the hair, and laundry. And taking out some garbage. Holy mother of crap, I’m tired again.

Enjoy your Fourth! (At a distance…bang bang!)

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