The Current State

Coronavirus. COVID-19. The Plague.

Call it what you will. It’s here, a lot of people tried to prevent it, but a lot of people botched it. I’m not going to get into the political side of things, because that’s mostly over and now it’s all about patching up the damage already done.

I’m addressing what the Everyman, ie, you and me, can do.

I get it, you may be holed up for 2 weeks. So buy sensibly. Unless you’ve got a family of 12, or you use 1/3 of the roll in a sitting, you don’t need 144 rolls of toilet paper. Be sensible about it. Panicking is the exact thing that will make the horror-movie aspect of this real. It doesn’t have to be that way.

On the flip side, be careful of being blase. It’s quite clearly NOT the flu (which is a bad enough entity on its own). It is a virus, like dozens of others out there, that good hygiene and common sense can keep in check. Don’t be dumb (I mean, I can tell you that til I’m blue in the face, but if you’re dumb, you’re dumb, and therefore probably too dumb to realize you’re dumb). Live your life, give consideration to others, and be reasonable. Most who read this blog are personal friends of mine and I know that’s not a hard call. If I don’t know you…I implore you.

But what really set me off was someone I know posting this:

People who repost false info piss me off. If you genuinely want to be helpful, it takes a minute to verify facts. It’s not hard. This one set me off because not only are you passing along wrong info, you’re passing along wrong info THAT COULD KILL SOMEONE. Gargling with anything short of bleach isn’t going to kill a virus. Just like holding your breath for 10 minutes doesn’t mean you don’t have it. Just like you can get pregnant in a swimming pool and plastic bottles in your car cause breast cancer.

Other people don’t verify articles, either. They are sheep. But if they follow this, it could mean LIFE OR DEATH. Don’t be the asshole who passes this one without checking.

In fact, let me put it this way. There are no shortcuts. There are no miracle cures. There are no easy dodges (although how hard is washing your hands and not picking your nose?)

My two cents. YMMV, but be safe, be considerate, be well.

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