The Annual Vent

Maybe not annual….I dunno, I haven’t done it in a couple years, maybe, and it’s not really a vent. More a reminder of where I stand on social media stuff.

1.  The “If you hate cancer”. Don’t be stupid. No one LOVES cancer…or any other illness thrown into this ridiculous post. Repost…why? To increase awareness? Yes, some things probably should be shared for awareness, but I’m pretty sure people know about cancer. I will NEVER repost these, which does not mean that I embrace cancer. How about doing something tangible? If you hate cancer, donate to the American Cancer Society.

2. “Repost and type ‘amen'”. Yeah, that’s never happening. Sorry. I mean, hey, if that’s your thing, cool. It’s not mine. Or, if it is…well, to me, religion is personal and I’m not sharing my prayers or lack of on the intrawebz.

3. I see this in the Black Cat group I’m in (frankly, I see a lot of crazy shit in that group, but I love the pictures, so I shut up and stay): “If you’re going to say something rude, don’t post”. Hi, I’m the internet, have you met me? That’s begging someone to say something rude. Or something that may not be rude, but you disagree with, and therefore interpret as rude. Sounds more to me like you’re about to post something inflammatory. If you don’t want to hear things you don’t like…don’t post. Free speech for you is also free speech for me.

4. Those Messenger greetings? Do. Not. Even. If you want to wish me a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Happy Easter/Choose Your Day, and omg what a pretty image and it flashes and it’s sparkly and I can send to to all 560 of my friends…No. They’re intrusive. They’re annoying. They probably cause epileptic seizures in rodents. Most of all, they are often loaded with viruses and malware and one click can be a world of trouble. If you want to wish me a happy anything, it’s appreciated, but either just tell me, or post it to my timeline. Sending me those things thru Messenger, especially without a warning, will probably end up with me blocking you. I can’t mess with potential viruses, and you shouldn’t, either.  Also, a lot of those  “click to play” are trouble, too…be warned.

5. Check your info. Look at dates. I guess it’s up to you if you don’t mind posting misinformation. But these days, there is so much wrong info flying around on all sides, and people are so fast to get up in arms over everything, isn’t it better to know you’ve got the facts to back you? No, plastic bottles in your car don’t cause breast cancer and no, sex traffickers aren’t stalking your kids at Walmart (that’s not to say common sense and usual precautions you’d use anywhere aren’t in line) and yes, my gosh, that is a horrible story but it happened in 2014… Also, if I call you out, or correct you (which I try to do politely and with a link as proof), don’t get pissy over it. Someone was bound to do it eventually.

6. I don’t “copy, paste and share”. I only occasionally play along with a few challenges (the book you’ve read a day, for example, good way to spread literature, or the black and white photographs). Please don’t be offended if I don’t participate. I simply don’t. Or, sometimes I start to and then my brain shuts off.

7. Something else I’ve seen on the Black Cats page…people complaining that a picture of their cat didn’t get as many likes as someone else’s. Really? So, in advance, if I don’t like your every post, sorry, I don’t. Sometimes its a meme I’m seeing for the 40th time. Sometimes, as happened with something someone posted on my timeline, I don’t even see it for two days (I mean wtf, Facebook?). I don’t know about Facebook’s algorithms. I don’t even care. Does my like boost the post? Maybe? But conversely, I’ve seen people say that too many likes (er, of pages, at least) makes Facebook think you’re doing suspicious activity and then you’re prohibited from liking something…blah blah blah. Anyway, if I don’t like every post, its not personal. And those of you complaining about your cats’ likes…my cat means the world to me regardless of likes, so get your priorities straight.

8. This blog seems awful, doesn’t it? I don’t hate everything though, despite how it sounds. I do read posts without pictures but I don’t feel a need to comment to fulfill your need. Post more pretty things. Sunsets, sunrises, kitties, goggehs, foxes. Faeries. Funny cats. Cat videos. Music, lots of Metallica (the old stuff).  Post more inspirational stuff because I feel low every day and even if its directed at the world in general, it helps. Messenger me if you need me, or if you want to check up on me (believe me, someone does and it is so highly appreciated, I can’t begin!). Post yummy foods.  Post beautiful art. Post those gorgeous photos of abandoned places.








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