New Things

First off, yes, the site looks different.  No, I don’t particularly like it but not sure how to fix it.  But…it’ll get there.

Second off…up?  On?  New stuff: cards.  I like this concept.  Whether other people do remains to be seen.  And I’m still sort of messing about with price points.  But basically, cards.  Sort of like notecards but only a single sheet with a blank back, and artwork on the front.  So far I have done the Major Arcana (22 cards), my take on the Addams Family (7 cards), and D&D Monster cards (I didn’t count, I made LOTS, and there are so many more I can draw that lets say infinity for now).

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Those are all 4×6.  There are irregularities in the cuts, and of course, a little warping, nothing horrible, I feel this just shows that they are handmade, and they came out really nice.  The next ones are considered wallet size, and are about as big as a baseball card, so they can fit into the sleeves used in collector’s binders.  They have no backing, they just come as is.  But, at that size, they can not only be used for note cards, they can be gift tags, or if you have the plastic bases, used in D&D.  They’re cool, and I love them because I think the drawings scale down quite nicely.

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And still hammering away on book 3, currently untitled, but in progress on Chapter 13.  So, in my unemployed state, I’m still working.  Only problem is, the depression is coming back hard…having been out of the job market and already blown off a couple times, I’m feeling worthless and out of touch…you get the idea.

So help me a little.  Some feedback would be great.  Ideas on marketing these, what you think they should sell for, IF they would sell…help an invert out here!  And if you don’t have plans, see you at Saratoga Comic Con on Oct 26-27th.

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