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Upcoming events!

Niskayuna Farmers Market!!!!  Ok, overall, I’m a bit leery of outdoor events, because all my product is paper.  Even if it doesn’t rain, damp or humidity can do a job on the books, but I need to be outside, and I love farmer’s markets, and I’m about summer, so I’ll take the risk.  This is Friday, 2-6.  People….there is music as well!

Niskayuna Farmer’s Market

Also, with most of these events, I’m going it alone.  It should be an interesting test of how well I’m able to do set up and take down.  The last one went ok, except for getting the table into the trunk at the end, where I got derpy and hurt my back.  Eh, what can you do?  I’m also one of those people who can find a way to trip over the flowers in the rug.

Saratoga Comic Con

That there is one of my fave events.  Always a great turnout, love the vendors.  The Jerky Hut (yeah, I gotta have my maple black pepper jerky), and Toying Around are two regular, well-loved fixtures here, as well as the Montreal X-Men raising money for suicide awareness.  I love being a part of this.

Upstate NY Collectors Show

Another favorite, in a unique setting.  Small, intimate, and holy cow, I’ve seen some absolutely amazing cosplay here.

I’m always looking for events to do, so keep it tuned here.  And remember, I have prints and tiles available on Etsy under Bozprints.

My work is also on Deviantart under Azbaelus, and the books are on Amazon.  Or out of my car.  Why not?  It’s legal.  If you see a piece of work on Deviantart or Facebook that you like, message me (on the Trials of a Demon Prince page, since FB is notoriously fruity about showing messages if we’re not listed friends) for a price.

Keep it slammin’ in the summertime!


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