Touching Base

So, updating for those out of the loop.  Or for those who simply haven’t talked to me in a while.  (What happened to all those “check in on a friend” posts everyone puts up all the time?  I guess my anxiety/depression isn’t really bad enough for me to merit that.)

55 days left on the job.  All I’m saying, at this point.

My dad’s house has been sold.  I was told last minute.  I am hoping desperately that they’ll keep me on as a tenant, but even if they do, my rent will probably shoot up considerably.  Yes, Texas is the ultimate goal, but that’s not happening for a while yet.  And there are a lot of variables, including the cost of getting myself, Spirit, and some possessions down there.

Soooo…no cons really coming up.  May 11th doing the block party at Toying Around, because I love the owners, the store, and the things they carry, the things they stand for, and I believe it will be a great event.  Beyond that, the future is too uncertain.

Spirit is still cooking.  But we’re trying to eat even cheaper.  Because…moving expenses.  Either a loan, or a tax-riddled dip into the 401k….but….it won’t be cheap.

Things I still hate: Fucillo commercials, other drivers, liver, spiders.  My eczema (flaring up like crazy even though my sugar is good).  Fake people.  Spam phone calls.  The sheer amount of hate on the internet.  Undercooked bacon.

Things I love: everything Supernatural (except Mary Winchester….so tired of her).  Rice with that little crisp to it.  Good books.  Puzzles.  The smell of Gain.  Death Wish coffee.  Making art.  People liking my art.  Dragons.  Falling asleep to the sound of crickets.

That’s it for now.  More news as my fate is revealed.

I generally don’t ask for help, but I will ask that maybe you support me indirectly.  Buy a book or a print.  Easter’s almost here, and Mother’s Day is next.  I’m tempted to sink low enough to do a GoFundMe to move, but no, that I can’t do….but direct someone to my page.  Anything helps.  And thanks for listening.

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