Looking For A Home

Putting this out for a dear friend; PLEASE help find this pup a home.  He did have a home, but sadly, he does not do well with other dogs.  He’s a people person.  This was somewhat misrepresented by the shelter.  So, passing it forward again (and I’ve met and puppysat this guy, so I know of which I speak…while I myself prefer cats and only have room for a cat, he is the canine version of a snugglebug).

(From the former owner)

This love puppy is in need of a a snuggle buddy! Do you get cold during the winter? Are you a fan of movies and video games? Do you want someone to share your laid back lifestyle with? Do you like warm hugs? Look no further than Odin! He’ll fill all of these needs and all he asks in return is snuggles food and a potty break!

Image may contain: dog

Image may contain: dog

3.5 years old. 55 lbs.  Pit mix.  Not a fan of rain or snow.  Big fan of hugs.  Has basic obedience training but can be stubborn (so yeah…he’s male.)

Image may contain: people sitting, dog, living room and indoor

Image may contain: dog and hat

Please help, contact 11th Hour Rescue and help Odin be a loved only-pup child.

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