As Green Day Said

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
Wake me up when September ends

And there it almost goes.  Depressing, for me, a true child of summer, as the daily high drops, and the darkness comes a little earlier every day, and the threat of scraping a windshield in the morning grows.

Keep your pumpkin crap, colored leaves, and crisp air.  Give me green, vibrant, warm summer.

Still, September was good.  Vermont Comic Con went okay, much better than Green Expo, but still not profitable.  No matter; it won’t be happening again.  Sadly, Jay and Natasha announced their retirement.  They have their health and kids to tend to (it seems a pattern that running a Con is intensive, endless, and probably richly rewarding but also takes a vicious toll).   Kudos to you both: it was a great time.

Into October, and Albany Comic Con.  No New York this year, which is also sad, now that I’m walking so much better, but with Vegas and Metallica and Disney all coming up…get what rest I can, no?

More to follow, but I realized I hadn’t touched base in quite some time.  TOUCH!

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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