What We Have To Fear

The following actually happened to friends of mine.  I could have shared it on Facebook, but this is a bit more far-reaching.  And I want the names left out because…well…because people have gone more insane with every passing day.  There are those out to crucify the innocent, should their views be different, or those who get justifiably outraged but choose to take vengeance into their own hands…because, at this point, who is there left to turn to?

“Today, about an hour and a half or so south of the northern New York border with Canada, my wife and I hit a US Border Patrol checkpoint driving back to Troy from Plattsburgh.

Yes… the Border Patrol. That far from the border.

We were made to hand over our IDs, get out of the car, sit over on the guardrail, and watch an agent search our car for nonexistent contraband that their dog had supposedly had a hit for on our passenger side.

Over the next 15 minutes, we just sat and waited, answering basic questions about where we were from, where we were coming from, where we were going, etc.

We had pulled over to stop prior to the checkpoint. The agents claimed that they had seen us dump something out of the vehicle when we stopped, they knew we’d done it, the dog was already back there searching, etc.

One agent came back and told us we could go, and to have a nice day. When we pointed out that we didn’t have our IDs back yet, we had to wait another five minutes or so to get those back.

Tonight, the US government terrified my wife into thinking we might end up in prison because one of their agents might plant evidence in our car because of our anti-Trump bumper stickers.

And honestly, I’m not sure how unreasonable that fear really is. This is another instance of where me being white-passing probably made my life easier. I can only imagine how the scenario could’ve been different if I were a few shades darker, or if I had an accent or a more “ethnic” name.

I hate what this presidency and this administration have done to us all.”


See?  Stand up for others, man, because next up…it’ll be you and me.  Two everyday folks.  One works in IT, one in a call center.  Not rich.  Not packing weapons.  They love their dogs, their friends.  They’re having a housewarming, because they just bought a house.  They aren’t subversives.  THIS IS WHAT OUR “AMERICA” HAS BECOME!!

Fucking wake up.

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