Slacker Me!

Small life update.

Collar City Carnival was a fun little event, and I’d love to do more like it.  Unlike Reverbicon, which was just too loud to really work for vending, this was a little softer, but still cool music, and a building that is fantastic architecturally (I don’t know if that’s a word, but I would love to get in there and explore further).

Next up, Upstate Collectors Show, at The Venue in Cohoes.  Another small-scale but totally enjoyable event, doesn’t leave me completely wiped out, and the surroundings are unique (a semi-converted church).

Albany Comic Con is no-go.  Tables sold out, but hey, I expected as much.  I’m on the list if someone cancels.

I’d like to do Plattsburgh, but have to know if I’m going to have help, and need to know soon, because that’ll require a hotel stay.  It would be a new market, but run by a guy with a good track record, so I’m all for trying it out.  College towns are always good, altho early August?  Still, fun way to spend my birthday weekend.

Lastly, on the personal note, news about my arthritis.  All this jumping thru hoops and banging my head against walls to figure out why I’m in so much pain when my hip isn’t that bad resulted in an MRI.

Ugh, I’m not claustrophobic but that sucked.  Hard.  And I wasn’t all the way in.  Like, my eyes were just at the edge.  It was holding that position for 30 minutes…it was agony by the end.

My hip doesn’t hurt because of my hip.  My hip hurts because of my back.  Yep, the space between the lower discs has narrowed considerably.  And all those little facet joints have arthritis.  Which sort of fits with other symptoms (and to be honest, until I found this out, I didn’t know they WERE symptoms).

Ever stretch your legs but…it’s like you still feel compacted?  Like you can’t stretch them to your satisfaction?  And my lower back doesn’t get the bad pain like the hip, but it aches.  A lot, and often, but a dull ache.  I thought that was a side effect of the hip, and its really the other way around.


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