The Dates

Upcoming as to where I’ll be, not a lot of dates yet.  I am easing off this year, since last year was such a bust, especially for shows that involved travel.

So, of course, Saratoga Comic Con is a favorite.   Look forward to seeing Jason Mewes there, too!  Apparently, the new con in town, Empire State Comic Con, is that same weekend, but those tables were pretty pricey, convention center or not.

And, although it didn’t do much for me last year, I will give this one another shot.  Because sometimes travel and a new market is nice.  I did like the venue.  What I didn’t like was being shoved in the basement with vendors when I specifically asked for an artists’ table.

It’s really painful to try so hard, over and over, and NOT be recognized as an artist in that respect (technically, if I make what I sell, I’m an artist, not a vendor. Vendors are the Pampered Chef and Partylite and Origami Owl sort, so it doesn’t matter whether I’ve ever done any comic books…I am by definition an artist).

But I mean, I’d like the recognition for the quality of my work, as well as by the technicalities.  So here’s the link for that one, and kudos for a date where I won’t have to drive to Barre in a snowstorm.  And kudos for knocking down the table price!

I’d love to do Syracuse again, that was another bomb, but still a Con I really enjoyed.  But the table prices got jumped a bit (new venue) so that one, not quite willing to risk it.

What will I have?  I’ve been doing a few new lines.  I’m doing some illustrations in homage to Kipling’s Just So Stories (Kipling’s own woodcuts for these are spectacular).  I’m also working on fan art based on critters from Diablo 3, since I’ve been playing again.  Why?  Because as big as my tv is, you can’t really see the details of what the monsters look like, just a sort of basic idea, so there’s a lot of room for my imagination to flesh them out.

My necroprancer…(before all the uber gear, of course, then you get those helms where the face disappears)


And those pesky summoned dark hellions in the Halls of Agony


And Tyrael, in his mortal form.


Still also churning out D&D monsters (I mean, there’s practically an endless supply of those)…


And also trying my hand at anime, an art form I’ve never liked but considering its popularity, I’m an idiot for not dabbling in it.  And maybe dabbling will rouse an interest in it…eventually.  Some of it has very cool storylines, but some of it, like young schoolgirls in super skimpy sailor outfits and endless legs, disturbs me a little.  Ask Sailor Venus.


So, until later…I may have another date or two to announce, so, stay tuned.

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