Think on This for 2018

This is sort of born from a rant on work, but its a basic tenet I live by and I thought, well, a new year, a fresh start, people making resolutions?  Give them something to think on.

Think about how you treat people.

I won’t say where I work (ok, so a few of you know) but while I left customer service a while ago, changes have thrown me back into a customer facing position.  And any of you who have worked in any form of customer service, retail or otherwise, have been in the position of getting a load of flack for something that a.  wasn’t your fault, and b. you have no control over.

This came to mind today because I had at least three people rip into me.  One of them went at it for about fifteen minutes.

Where does it tie in to this, you ask?  It ties in because no matter how mad I get, or how I feel I’ve been wronged (and face it, sometimes you haven’t been wronged, it’s only the perception, but perception is everything), I don’t treat people that way.  On to my basic tenet: treat others as you would be treated.

Some call it the Golden Rule.  Every religion shares it as a basic theme.  Religious or not, it’s a very simple, common sense way to handle life.  Oh, not that the universe is necessarily fair and play it back to you, but it’s still a good basis.

You’re frustrated.  Angry.  Maybe out some money, or maybe time.  Maybe you feel (and maybe rightfully so) a loved one has been wronged.  But before you tear into that person on the phone, let me throw some insight your way.

No, you DON’T know how I feel.  No, you DON’T understand!  I beg to differ.  You don’t know me.  You don’t know what I’ve been through, but trust me, I too have been wronged, real or imagined, by other people, by gigantic corporations.  I have been on YOUR end of the phone, the one MAKING the call, probably in a very similar situation.

You’re telling me one thing, why did <insert whoever here> tell me this?!  I have no idea.  And would it change the outcome if I did?  Maybe for a commission, maybe just to get you off the phone.  More likely, maybe they really thought they were correct and were genuinely trying to help you.  Because, as personally as you’d like to take your issue, it’s not personal.  We’re not sitting around in circles, plotting against you.  What I’m telling you is the here and now, accept it and we can move forward.

Can you promise me….  Stop right there.  I can only promise what I can control.  I can send an email.  I can give you credit.  I can brush off the back of my car in the event of snow.  Can I promise no more snow?  By the gods, if only!  And again, do you think if it’s within my power to make you happy, I would purposely not do it?  If you really think that, you have serious paranoia problems.

The sacrifices I’ve made…  I took the day off.  I drove all the way from Poughkeepsie.  I missed a dentist appointment.  I left my puppy home uncaged.   Ok, I get it.  And I’m sorry.  What more can I say?  What’s done is done.   Screaming it repeatedly at me won’t undo it.  I can’t pay wages you gave up.  I can’t root canal your bicuspid.  I can’t clean your rug.  All I can do, is all I have offered.  I will throw this out to you, however.  I’ve made sacrifices, too, for various things.  And gosh, yeah, I’ve been burned too.  So now, when offered an appointment/price/opportunity/you name it, all I can say is do as I do, and weigh potential outcomes carefully.  What will you really be out, if things fall through?

Those are just examples, but again, think how you want to be treated.  Pay that forward.  Maybe you’re a nurse in a busy medical office.  Someone screws up an appointment.  Maybe it was another nurse, maybe it was the doctor.  Maybe it was a number written all funky and it got translated wrong.  Maybe the patient wrote it in their book wrong, but when you’re the one getting insulted, belittled, perhaps cursed at, over, think back to how you treated that rep on the phone when arguing about a bill, or an appointment, or a charge in question, or anything like that.

What goes around, comes around.  And it will bite you in the ass twice as hard, because karma is there.

Oh…by the way, none of the above relates to telemarketers.  You chose that profession, you chose to purposely interrupt my life uninvited?  There’s another saying…you reap what you sow?


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