Quick Excerpt from “Scale”

Because I haven’t in a while, and this site really is about selling my books and art, right?  Christmas is around the corner (and not hiding all that well) so maybe put the first two books of a four-part series under that book lover’s tree.


He gave a delicate cough.  “Ah, right to the point, eh?  I need to speak with both of you about this.  My visit is not strictly social, I’m sorry to say.  Your magic…does it work here?”

“Of course.”

“Someone has dire need of healing.  I would have done it had I not exhausted my powers to bring him here.  You may refuse; if you do, I’ll understand.  He’s in the room with the tub.”

Moon cocked her head quizzically.  “Refuse healing?  Why should you think I would?”

“Just…go see.  Please.”

With a puzzled shrug, she headed for the bathroom.  Frank, thoroughly at a loss, drew away from Sun’s embrace and turned to follow.

“Not you.”  Sun clutched his arm and pulled him back to the couch.  “I must explain.”

“Explain what?  Who’s here?  Not that I care.  Any friend of yours is welcome.  And how are you…why aren’t you…I mean…”  Frank felt his face flush.

“Why aren’t I dead?  It’s all right to speak it, Frank.  I’m painfully aware of what my condition was.  But it wasn’t Random who brought me back.  It was Azzie.”

“Are you kidding?  Azzie?”

“Just listen.  Azzie is here.  He’s the one who requires healing.”

“Azzie requires healing?  Big Azzie?  Mean Azzie?  Azzie who can chew us up and spit us out Azzie?”

Sun launched into a condensed version of the story.  He began with his own awakening in Random’s castle, then detailed Reyneart’s subsequent visit, and finished with the disrupted execution.

“Reyneart insisted I bring him to Terra,” he added, his tone apologetic.  “I had no better plan, and Rey has agreed that if you wish no involvement, he’ll take Azzie elsewhere.”

Although his jaw hung open, Frank said nothing.  Finally, he slouched deeper into the couch and chewed at his nails. 

So much information to absorb.  It was an absolutely wild story.

Wild, and unbelievable.  His imagination couldn’t even grasp the concept.  Azzie, exiled from Hell?  Without his powers, and mortally wounded?

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