Not like, from a disease or anything.  Nope.  From a vacation.  A most wondrous Halloween against spent in Vegas.  No one does decorations like the folks in Henderson’s infamous Halloween Street!




Certainly doesn’t hurt to be in a place where the temps are averaging 80+, either.  Easy for me to recharge in the sun and warmth.  No one does hospitality like the folks of Halloween Street, either.

Costumes?  Take your pic from Halloween Street, or Fremont Street.  Vegas is a-poppin’ with creativity.  These Waldos look about as lost as they get.


I resumed the old art of Bozalita’s fortune telling, as well.  Man, that was…disturbing.  In a good way, I guess, but still.  I’m certainly inspired to create more fortune “scrolls” and tarot cards.  Maybe with a full set-up next time, as in a table, and I’ll bring my wand.  It’s a great character.  I should maybe try to get hired around here to do it (I’ve done it in the past at such events as the Hudson Winter Walk, and it went over well there, too), course then I’ll need to get the costume back from San Antonio.

I’ll do another post with a few more pictures (the Conservatory at the Bellagio really changed it up this year).  But to keep with you, especially now, in the light of so much hate, so many shootings, so much controversy…just some simple fun, and companionship, folks enjoying Halloween together, or just hanging in Vegas, a big resort town, doing mindless things and loving their slots and their food and their drinks.  Plain old good times.  Differences aside.  Because in the end, life is way too short.  These are a reminder to make, and embrace, magic, every single day, every single minute.

Gonna huff, gonna puff….gonna end up with COPD.  Or set your face on fire.


A very rare spider in that I didn’t freak.


Yeah.  With thoughts and prayers, too.  No wonder we can’t have nice things.


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