Halloween Approaches

This is not a particularly exciting post (it’s rather sad how much better posts do when they are about my depression, or controversial).  But with Halloween coming, since I already touched on movies, I want to share some favorite spooky/horror books that are good for either a first read or a 20th read.

  1. Most Stephen King.  Note I didn’t say all.  My top re-reads?  The Shining, Needful Things, The Talisman, and It (currently rereading that right now).  The thing with these is I think its important to throw ALL movie versions out of your head and read them with nothing preconceived in your mind.  Yeah, you can’t help but have some of the movie in there, but overall, I find these more enjoyable, especially in a book like It, that I haven’t read in probably 15 years (had to order a new copy).  All those little things they don’t have time to put in a movie, those extra touches that strike you as familiar, those make the read extra special.
  2. The Thief of Always.  I like Clive Barker anyway, but this little fairy tale-type book is extra yummy.  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be aimed at a younger audience or not, but it doesn’t detract from the story at all.
  3. NOS4A2.  By Joe Hill.  Who is Joe Hill?  Why, he’s Stephen King’s son.  And this runs true to old-style King (before the whole Hearts in Atlantis phase).  I’ve read Horns as well, but I definitely liked this one much better.  I also think the whole Christmas theme is recurring….I need to read more of his books.
  4. After The Winter. By Mark R. Healy.  One of those rare freebie Kindle downloads that reels you in utterly.  Post-apocalyptic with some interesting twists and a deeply sympathetic main character.
  5. Suicide Forest.  By Jeremy Bates.  I’ve actually read a few of this author’s works, and as a rule, he’s pretty good.  He does horror stories based on real places (I think the series is actually titled World’s Scariest Places).  I’ve also read and enjoyed The Catacombs, Black Canyon, and Helltown (I see this will be on Travel Channel next week, not sure if its based on the book but it is, again, a real place).  Suicide Forest is about the Aokigahara forest outside Tokyo.  All these books are fictional stories, but based on the actual lore of the places, and all are good reads.

Those should keep you busy in the next week and a half, no?

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