Reminder, this Saturday, a rockin’ cool event: Reverbicon!

Great music, and artists and vendors, and indoors because October weather can go either end of the spectrum!  Close to home, guests and entertainment, and something for all tastes!

Yes, I’ll be there.

Right now, recuperating from New York Comic Con.  I got Peter Capaldi’s autograph, which was both thrilling and sad.


Sad because they make this stuff so prohibitively expensive.  Do I think celebrities should get something for their time there?  Sure.  Do I think $45 and up is borderline assrape?  Also sure.  Capaldi’s autograph was $90, and I love his Doctor, so I paid it, for an autographed photo.  Had I brought my 12th Doctor Funko for him to sign, it would have been $125 (I’m saving them a photo but I’d have to pay MORE?).  For a photo op, that’s a whole different line, and a whole different fee, most of them starting at $100.  Oh, and if you wanted a Certificate of Authenticity, add $10.

Mind you, to compare, two years ago, I got Felicia Day’s autograph for $30.  On my Funko of Charlie from Supernatural.  And her person took a picture of us, included.

Maybe Capaldi is a bigger name, at least in his body of work, I’m not sure.  But it was like that for ALL the celebrities this year.  Pearl Mackie (Bill, companion to his Doctor in this last season) started at $45…she’s relatively unknown in the US, I believe.  I would have loved her autograph, too.  And Jason Isaacs, and the voices from Animaniacs.

Let’s face it.  I would have had to take out a personal loan, and then walk around with about $600 cash in my pocket for the signatures I wanted.  This, after the NYCC ticket, and train fare or tolls, parking if applicable, and whatever other expenses you’ve incurred, seems a bit….gougey.  And I’m not hating on the celebrities.  Hell, I don’t know who sets the prices, or how much of that money they even see.  And maybe they donate it to charity.  Still, it really tarnishes what should be the experience of a lifetime.

Still, despite long lines and armpit to armpit crowds, it’s NYCC and it’s fun and there’s no end of things to make your eyes pop.  I didn’t take a lot of pics; I was walking with a cane to ease to stress on my hip, and didn’t want to dig out my phone constantly, so maybe in another post I’ll steal some of my friend’s pics.  However, those who know me will fully understand the first place I hit.


Two trucks of Death Wish goodness!  And I had to tease them, because what was my badge hanging from?  A Death Wish lanyard, which none of their people were wearing.  I am proud to say theirs was the first swag I grabbed at the Con.

I will continue this in a couple more days, with more pics to follow!

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