Quick Reminder

In the upcoming weeks, of where to find me.

Sept 17th, I will be at the Altamont Wine & Apple Festival (or is it Apple & Wine?  not as good a ring to it), but puppeteering, not selling.  This also means I won’t be stationary.  At least, not for the first half hour or so.  After that, it will largely depend on my hip.

Sept 24th, Madison Ave Street Faire.  Always fun, usually good weather, localized into a block and a half right where Madison splits off Western.  Puppets will be here as well but I tend to concentrate on my table.


Oct 14th, and this is a big one…REVERBICON!  Jupiter Hall, Crossgates.  This event looks to be slamming!  My kind of music, for one thing, and the 50th anniversary of Night of the Living Dead, and other vendors and cosplay.

Really looking forward to it, my first time here and the event’s 2nd time around, so PLEASE please please, stop in and check it out.

And then….a deserved break….to Vegas, for the annual Halloween tradition…pics will follow.

And then, Saratoga Con, Nov 11-12.

Updates to follow.

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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