Another Tour

A little more Texas, if you’ll forgive me.

Hey, what am I supposed to do?  Everyone is gearing up for their love of fall.  Fall is ok, and Halloween is my favorite holiday, but fall, for me, is cold (and now with my hip problems, that only means MORE pain) and on the heels of fall comes…

I won’t even say it.

So here’s some more warm and fuzzy.


Admittedly, while not a fan of country and western, or the western genre in other forms, ever since working for Rocky Mountain Traders, I’ve had a soft spot for Western art, altho more towards the animals and nature and Native American side than the cowboys.  We visited the Briscoe Museum in San Antonio, and while I’ll post pics from the inside next, the sculpture garden was a gorgeous place to be on a beautiful 95 degree day.  This is the path to the garden from the museum itself.  And once outside?



Not sure if he’s an Eagle Dancer, since I was too busy soaking up the sun and enjoying the atmosphere to actually find and read plaques, but what a great pose.


Didn’t even catch that it was an owl til I walked right up to it, but I love it.


And snake…almost Egyptian, no?

Next time, inside pics from the museum.  BUT…also, looking to share an upcoming event, the Upstate Collector’s Show at The Venue in Cohoes, Sept 3rd (yep, Labor Day weekend) from 9-3.  I’ll have books and artwork and tiles, and hope to see you there!  And remember, commissions.  I do commissions.

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