More Texas

I did a lot, altho not as much as the first time around, so I’ll break it down again, particularly if you like art and historic things.

The Guenther House!  In the historic King William district, it is on the grounds of the Pioneer Flour Mills estate, and as you might expect, being the home of a literal flour baron, the baked goods are to die for.   In fact, what you see as you first walk in is the bakery, and the gigantic coffee rolls, strudels, brownies, etc….gigantic.

As to our surroundings, the restaurant is slightly below ground level (there was an outdoor area for eating, too, but seeing as it was going to be 105, we opted for inside).


That lamp is cool, no?  Upon closer look, it doesn’t quite fit in to the German feel…


For an idea of how big the food is, Bob’s biscuit is about half-eaten (Steve and I were helping, mind you) in this shot….


And my breakfast taco (my choice of fillings were cheese, bacon and sausage, because as a reminder: I HATE EGGS)…


Yes, there were two of those bad boys on the plate.  And there is a house made salsa that I have no idea what goes into it, but it is slightly bitey and oh so good, and very light.  There is also a very cool museum in the house itself, and a gift shop, where they sell the mixes for all their pancakes and biscuits and breads (well…it IS a flour mill, first and foremost).

The front of the house:


The grounds are gorgeous; I’ll say this again (I said it last time I was down here)….I’ve always thought of Texas as dry, mostly brown, desert-type land….the green is mind boggling.  It was a bit browner this time, due to a lack of rain (they are quite welcome to the marsh known as NYS) but still, the grounds here take your breath away (and its above a section of the Riverwalk.

So I’ll close with a link to the site, so you can check out the rest of the museum and the store, and drool over the menu (I fully intend to come back for lunch sometime, but they serve breakfast all day….)



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