Crunch Time. I’m Tired. Are You Tired?

Happy Father’s Day.  My dad’s been gone 21 years, and it still hurts like yesterday.  I only hope I’m not too much of a disappointment, but man I suck at this adulting thing.

Syracuse Friday.  Excited and scared, and in a frenzy to get more pieces done.  So here’s to hoping we come back with a nearly empty car (er, apart from things WE buy).  Looking forward to seeing an old friend there as well.  And hanging with minions.  And a few days off from work.

I don’t love what I do anymore, and that makes it hard, and makes me sad.  But until what I DO love can pay the bills….trapped.  Trapped almost to the point of gnawing off my own foot.

Eh, enough of that.  Part of being an adult.

Current calendar, then, of where I can be found and doing what:

June 24-25th: Syracuse Comic Con, at the Oncenter in…yes, Syracuse.

Sept 3: Upstate Collectors Show at the Venue in Cohoes.

Sept 17th: Puppeteering at the Altamont Apple & Wine Festival.  (I don’t recall ever seeing much about apples there, but there’s an extensive building that hosts wine tasting).

Sept 24th: Upper Madison Street Fair, Albany.  Outdoors, always fun.

Oct 6th: I dare you to find me in the crowd at NYCC.  No, I don’t have a booth.  I imagine that would be twice my salary, not including a hotel room.

Nov 11-12th: Saratoga Comic Con, same place as always, City Center.  Well, probably.  Gotta send the payment in on that one.  But I expect to be there.

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