Two Week Countdown

Those who know me, know I get super tweaky before a Con.  You’d think being into my 3rd year of doing them, I’d chill a little, but I never do.  Not that I don’t enjoy them.  I do, completely.  But at heart I’m one of those “what can go wrong, will go wrong” people, and before the Con, I start to stress over things like “what if I get there and there’s no table reserved” or “something got screwed up” or “the hotel didn’t really book the room even tho I have this reservation printed out” or….

You get the idea.  It’s like going on vacation and wondering if you left the coffee pot on.  You KNOW you’re going to wonder, you KNOW you checked it 45 times to be sure, and still…an hour out, there’s that nagging little wonder….and as every Con generally goes smooth, I still start worrying about things if only to freak myself out.

Then there’s “what if I don’t sell anything?”.  Yeah, Vermont broke that fear, because the first day, I didn’t.  And then the fear escalates into “what if every Con from here on out is a bust?”, but Saratoga dismissed that.

Anyway, all that aside, as I tweak and freak and capillaries implode throughout my body, in 2 weeks comes the biggest of all.  At least in terms of expense.  With sound reasoning, since until this past Saratoga Con, this was also my most successful.  So with a hotel room booked for 2 nights, come June 23rd I hit the road for Syracuse.

I’m hopeful.  I really don’t think I’ll make everything I spent back, because I had to reorder a lot of books,  I plopped money down on a banner, and I plopped a load down on the hotel.  But, if I can make a RESPECTABLE percent of that back, I’ll be encouraged and happy.   Getting my name out there in a newer, more distant market is the ultimate goal.  And I’d like to take it further (and plan to, altho a lot depends on the cost/return ratio I hit here).

So, please, if you are anywhere in the area…

Last year, we were in the regional market, in the F shed.


(It was April.  The high that day was 42.  Global warming, I missed you.)


Uh, yeah, I don’t think I had Scales out yet (Susan, help me out here?).  This time, it’s 2 days, it’s at the Oncenter so more central and bigger and WARMER!  Hopes are super high, I know a load of effort has been put into advertising and getting word out and keeping artists and vendors in the loop, and it’s going to be GREAT!

Lastly, don’t forget Amazon and Etsy and Square.  My stuff is there, I am sort of gradually working the art at least over to “Bozprints”, but think of this: if you aren’t near Syracuse, your support thru my online venues may help enable me to hit more Cons, further out, and possibly get to somewhere you CAN get to, where I can meet you, sign things, or work out a commission to your special tastes!

Or, you know, you can simply donate to send Spirit on the MasterChef cruise, because he’s becoming a celebrity in his own right, and even Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t yell at this face.


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