This Weekend

Saratoga Comic Con…a twice-a-year favorite.——-.html

I won’t be there in person Sunday, so if you want something signed, come Saturday.  Or, of course, hunt me down outside a Con.  I’m really not all that difficult to find.  But there are some cool guests this time around, from Clerks.  The Montreal X-Men (all of whom are fabulous but their Wolverine truly impressed me last time)

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There will be the Mandalorian Mercs, too…LOOOOOVE those guys and gals.

Art I’ve been working on?  Things have been moving slow, and I’ve sort of split my time up to get back into theater, too (and to blow a lot of time in Texas) but I did hammer out a sort of mini-series I’m calling the Wonderland collective.  I plan to add a tiny bit of color to each one, but here’s some examples:




Hope to see your shining faces there, and don’t forget, books are also available from Amazon, both in paperback and Kindle.  Well, the coloring books are available in paperback, because coloring your Kindle is a little silly.  But hey, you paid for it.  Do what you do.

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