Texas Part Deux

Hah, numbers in French sound so pompous.

On to the Riverwalk segment.  It was nothing like I pictured it; I envisioned it as something more like a boardwalk, a la Atlantic City, but really, it was better.  Part of it is the Rio, part of it is a man-made tributary, but the barge ride is a great way to get a feel for what’s where in the city.  Course, once you get back up to street level, you’re all disoriented, because it somehow seems different.

With my loves on the actual barge.


A fig tree growing out of the wall (I took a zillion of these kind of pictures…the whole “nature overtaking the manmade” is a look I love)


There were other non-native trees on the route, too, including orange and lemon.


The Lila Cockrell theater.  That top piece, which is much bigger than it looks, is a tile mosiac.  This is part of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center (San Antonio is a major hub for conventions) and is named for a former mayor of the city.


The Briscoe Art Museum.  On one of my return trips, I’ve got to hit some of these museums.  Maybe in August, when mere mortals won’t be able to stand being outside in 100 degree plus weather.  I, of course, will lay on the sidewalk and soak up as much of it as I can.  There were a dozen different museums I wanted to see, and I want to go back to the haunted Menger (maybe do the dinner/ghost tour this time around)….and so much Mexican cuisine!!


Ok, ok, this is another shot of the Alamo, but for the love of pete, whose ever seen a cactus this big in New York?!

I may have to continue this even further, to hit upon the Marketplace.  Catch you soon, droogies!

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