Wow, I’m so neglectful lately.  It’s that whole playing catch-up thing.

Anyway, happy Easter.  I don’t really celebrate.  Even when my family was alive, it wasn’t one of our bigger to-dos.  But spring and rebirth are absolutely good things.

I will do Texas part 2 later in the week.  For now, some cutenesses.


Apparently, since he cooks the food, he gets rights to it.  WRONG.  I already chowed that lamb shoulder chop.  And btw, lest you think I’m a mean mommy, that was cooked in green chile oil, so I promise you he would not have been happy if he’d gotten a lick in.  And also, yes, I love the Malazan Books of the Fallen, and am currently reading Assail.



“Mommy!  Coffeemaker here!!  HERE!”  Yes, he knows better than anyone that Mommy needs that coffeemaker.  And yes, I was watching Iron Chef Tournament in the background.


Koi.  At the Alamo.  I know, right?


And finally (for now), the date is set for the Moon tattoo.  Am I posting her color scheme?  Why, HECK NO.  It’ll be a surprise….coming at the end of May.

Happy Easter.  Happy Beltane.  Welcome, Spring.

Also, quick heads up, will be at the Saratoga Comic Con May 6th-7th, but more as that approaches.

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