This Weekend

Will make the first ever appearance at the Green Mountain Comic Expo!

This entails a trip to Barre, VT, and a hotel stay.  It comes on the heels of a fabulous vacation in San Antonio (that I will recap in a future blog).

It’s an adventure!  I know the Saratoga Con folks will be there, and the Vermont Con (same person in charge of this one).  And I hope to break into new markets, meet new people, open new opportunities!  I was going to say relax, but yeah, I’m thinking that won’t happen.  Maybe Monday, since I took it off.

I will have copies of all the books for signing, including the new coloring book.   And for those of you wondering if “Zodiacs” is a typo, nope, the book has both the Western and Chinese Zodiacs.


I will also have the usual artwork: Tarot, Zodiac (the fullsize and maybe the minis), Shakespeaks, and other matted fantasy pieces.  I will have magnets, the new ceramic tiles, and jewelry.  Barre is also near Montpelier and Sugarbush, if skiing is your thing (it involves snow and cold and is therefore NOT my thing).  So stop by.  And if its a bit out of your range, don’t forget, I do have the Etsy shop under Bozprints.


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