I am goin to bed. Yes, it’s early, but between shoveling, hella walking, worrying about the car, and whether I’d get to work or be stuck again, a slew of new procedures and codes to learn at work, and gearing up for the first Con of the season, followed by a trip to Texas with an awesome itinerary planned by the men I love so much….I’m grabbing whatever rest I can for this achy carcass.

Until Spirit uses my hip and ribs for his personal kitty posturepedic, that is.

See you tomorrow, and don’t forget some joys in life that include COLORING AND VOTING, VOTING AND COLORING!


(Besides voting, browse the shop.  If you have questions by all means contact me….most of those originals are available matted, which is great if you know someone getting a new home, or apartment, or doing up a room, or just getting into fantasy, or loves elves or dragons or the Tarot….)


I showed some of the pics from this in earlier posts.  Treat yourself, or a loved one, to the finished product.  Coloring is pretty relaxing, and makes a piece your very own.  Do it while watching tv.  Dream up your own story around a picture.  And of course, the cover shot is, yell if you recognize it!  The Venetian, in Vegas, my absolute fave of all the casinos!




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