Happy New Year

Let’s usher in a brand New Year

That won’t kill off those we hold dear

A year to try to get ahead

A year that rock stars need not dread

A year we can all cheer and toast

And yet, I still won’t share your post

Or type ‘amen’, or cut and paste

For cancer, windmills, or She-Ra’s waist.

I will support my dearest friends

I just won’t partake of dumbass trends.

A year where health and brains prevail

Where hoped-for journeys may set sail

We’ll rock and color, and go to Cons

And dance, and laugh, and eat fine noms

And love each other, and never forget

May 2017 be the best one yet.


Ok, so…I was a little bored and not really caffeinated enough.  But the sentiment is real.

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Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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