Home Again

Just touching base after several days in Vegas.  It was warm.  Sunshine soaked into my flesh.  And it was healing.  I felt grounded again, and I was reunited with some people I love very much and don’t see nearly enough anymore.  In fact, as nice as it is to be home, and back with the four-legged baby again, I miss them already, and wish we were all happily living together, whether it be here or San Antonio.  So…on the heels of getting my head together, and feeling grounded, I’m also battling a touch of loneliness.

That said, highlights of Vegas that you might want to look into if you go anytime soon.

Mystere.  https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/mystere

I can’t begin to describe it.  I’ve never seen any of the other Cirque shows, but this was so incredible, the feats of human agility and strength so mind-boggling, I don’t know as any other will compare.  Some of it was so beautiful that I had tears in my eyes.  The music was also magical.  I keep forgetting to look for a soundtrack, not that I have a CD player anymore.

This was an early Christmas present, and part of it was also dinner at the buffet at Treasure Island, included as a dinner and a show package.  Individually, the buffet at TI is about $30 a person, which is a bit assinine.  Don’t get me wrong.  The food is crazy good, and there’s tons upon tons of it.  But you know what?  I can only eat so much.  Yeah, despite what you may think from looking at me, I really do have limits, and a good surf’n’turf would run about the same and also fill me up.

But, if its something you can do, I think you should go out on a limb and try it, cause hell, you only live once.  There is a pasta station where a chef will make one of a few specific dishes to order for you (I indulged in lobster ravioli).  Then I checked out the American Barbecue section, which had fabulous ribs, and sweet potatoes, and trout almondine, and a bunch of other things I didn’t even try.  I was so stuffed that I managed some dessert, but didn’t even approach the other buffet sections (there was a German and a Chinese section, there may have been more I didn’t see).

For dessert, I limited myself (hahahaahaaaaa) to a creme brulee, a trifle, and a fruit tart. There were mini-donuts being made right on the spot in a dozen flavors, and red velvet cookies, and cheesecakes, and pies.  Coffee?  Natch.  And for another $12.50 there is an all-you-can-drink feature, very limited, but first time I’d ever seen such a thing.

Shopping?  Nothing beats the Venetian.  The replica of St. Mark’s Square always takes my breath away (but $30 a person for a gondola ride…I’ll just lean over the bridge and look longingly at the canal).  There are a couple of absolutely amazing art galleries which should top your list.


http://www.signaturegalleries.com/galleries/signature-venetian  (personal favorites are Alexei Butirskiy and Nano Lopez, look them up, and I highly recommend Joe Amore as your Fine Art consultant if you do go here)

There was also a gelato place that was awesome.  I got the forest berry flavor, and you could literally taste the blackberry, like the seeds were in your mouth.  Great stuff.

Lastly, the Conservatory at the Bellagio.  Another place that is mainly out of my price range, but the Conservatory is changed every month to a new theme, and is a breath of natural beauty in the heart of a dazzling array of glass flora. (Every single year I’ve seen it in October, this was the first time I’d ever seen it changed up for the November/autumn theme).



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