Two Thoughts

  1.  Politics.  I rarely speak of them, because I hate them, even before this enormous cluster reared its fugly head.  My dad was devoted, and did a lot for the Democrats in Watervliet, because I think he believed, truly believed, that somehow they could do some good (maybe on the local level, anyway).  But I just wanted to share an epiphany with everyone.  I know where these nightmarish candidates have come from.  I figured it out.

It’s our love of reality TV that has brought this upon us!

Look at the crap out there.  The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows, where people are backstabbing each other for the camera.  Hell’s Kitchen?  They hang on to some of the most horrific people possible, because drama = ratings.  (Personally, I love watching the cooking, and wander off or read during the “prize/punishment” segment).  I haven’t watched much other reality stuff, but the formula seems the same: pit people against each other and let the cameras roll.

That’s all this election is.  One massive reality show, where the mudslinging and sniping and backbiting, and sadly, lying, is all too real.  And like those reality shows, people have picked their favorite, the one they want to back, for some draw unfathomable to others.

The sad part?  After this show is over, the winner isn’t going to just collect a cash prize and go away.

2.  AARP.  Here I thought this would be a smart thing to do.  I mean, they’re a huge group, right?  I hit 50, hey, why not hop in on some of those discounts they’re infamous for, right?  Membership is pretty cheap, and they’ll give me a day bag, right?

They have got to be THE most annoying group on the planet.  Apparently, that’s how they got to be a huge group.  Since I’ve joined, it has been endless emails, flyers and phone calls.  Friggin’ ENDLESS.  Leaving ten-minute long messages about health options or Medicaid or…I don’t even know what, cause I stopped listening.  I was just sitting there dumbfounded.

Snail mail, too.  Hey, guys, how about a care for resources?  I don’t know exactly what they’re about, either.  I glance at them, and sometimes its life insurance and sometimes its vote for this Congressman because he cares about the elderly and sometimes it could be a colostomy bag but I don’t know anymore because I toss it all out.

Emails.  Several a day, because they are all broken into groups.  How do I know this?  Because I’ve unsubscribed from all of them.  One’s political.  One’s health-care.  One’s financial advice for the old.  One’s how not to get scammed (ie..don’t sign up with annoying megagroups).  One’s things to do or day trips.

Very nice, and possibly helpful in their own way.  BUT…unsolicited, and ergo overwhelming.  You want to be a nice, likeable, useful organization?  Be there when I need you.  One monthly newsletter, via email, I could deal with, not 3 or 4 every day.  Have a handy 800 number I can call WHEN I WANT YOUR MEDICAL ADVICE.  Holy cow, don’t call me and bog my voice mail down when I’m still several years away from Medicaid or Medicare or Mediscare or whatever is which is who.

There.  Both of those are now out of my system, and hope to see you at Albany Comic Con this Sunday!

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