Albany Comic Con!

It was the first!  (For me.)

Sunday, Oct 30th, at the Radisson, 10-5 (I think it opens at 9:30 for VIPs but not sure).

Would love for folks to show up and say hi.  Would love for folks to show up and buy stuff.  Would love folks to show up in neat costumes.

Saratoga Con was quite enjoyable, but not as much of a success as I’d hoped, and if these don’t start to pick up a little bit, I may have to rethink what I do.  Part of me hopes this was just a somewhat lame year (I mean, cripes, it certainly was a big year for killing off beloved actors and musicians and sports figures), so I’ve taken a few gigs for 2017.

Beyond that…eh.  Future might be shaky.  But that’s not to share with you guys.  Not yet, anyway.  For now, assume books and art will keep coming.

So come out and support me, and other local talent, at Albany.  Oh, and bring coffee.  LOADS of coffee.  Because supporting me will probably have a more enjoyable aftermath than…say, voting.

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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