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First off, for those who messaged me and were concerned over my rather vague “pain” posts, I appreciate it.  I’ll touch on it briefly here.  The problem is a really, really large skin tag in a really, really bad spot.  That should say it all.  The ER wouldn’t touch it.  So after jumping through a lot of hoops, hopefully it will be removed Monday.

Interesting side note: the ER did give me topical lidocaine, and I thought this was a miracle.  Until the plastics guy warned me off it, and I in fact read the warnings.  It’s topical, and it absorbs through the skin into the bloodstream.  The thinner the skin, the faster.  And being an analgesic, it has a depressant effect on both the cardiovascular and central nervous systems.

In other words, this stuff you rub on a boo-boo that happily numbs the pain can also give you a heart attack or convulsions.  Like…whoa.

Not a complete deterrant, mind you.  Any drug has some horrifying side effects if you bother to read the warnings, even aspirin.  And the odds that it will have those effects on you are pretty slim.  But I tried skipping the lidocaine completely today, and really, except for a few twinges here and there, the pain wasn’t much.  It was tolerable.  So I’ll hold on to it for major pain events (maybe post-procedure, or if I chop off the tip of a finger trimming plant balls, or if Spirit goes way overboard in a game of Bedmice), but otherwise, shelving it.

On the plus side, that crap will be out of the way in time for Saratoga Con.  I’m thrilled to be a part of it, having spoken to Mr. Chase and getting more tables and a real personal touch as to where my wares would do best, and talking about the Con scene in general.  I keep up the struggle to establish myself as a real artist, and author, but at least I’m getting some recognition on the circuit, and that’s encouraging.


Looking forward to Salt City Comic Con as well.  Mr Yeldon has likewise been helpful and encouraging and there to reach out to, and its a warm fuzzy to know the first gig of 2017 has been attained!

So for now, see you Oct 22-23rd at the Saratoga City Center, bells on, books out, GAME ON.

Oh, yeah, and skin tag off.


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