Work Commencing…

Probably jumping the gun, but I have scanned the artwork in for the next coloring book.  Yeah, I know.  I should wait til the Oz one actually starts to sell, but somewhere in my heart I’ve given up on it.  No one knows what it is, really, altho in my brain, it’s so ideal for Halloween season (and on all these coloring pages I see all kinds of freakin’ pumpkin books taking off…here I tried to do something a little different, but perhaps I went TOO different).

So I am thinking the Zodiac might garner interest.  Everyone knows what it is, even if they don’t follow it.  To flesh it out, I’ve done both the Western and Chinese versions, and I’m thinking of designing something for some of the cusps.  24 pages is enough to color, technically, but I might want more.  At any rate, no way am I buying into the “hey guys we found a 13th sign so your entire horoscope has changed”…I am too typically Leo.

Some of these are similar to the larger matted versions.  Some I took in a totally different direction.  But…opinions?  Would you color these?  Would you WANT to color these?  I don’t color very much, because obviously I’m busy drawing, and I have a penchant for black and white, but I know sometimes I want something challenging, and sometimes I want something I can do in a vegetative state.

Oh, wait, I pretty much live in a vegetative state.

So I tried to change these up.  Some are complex, some are simpler, more straightforward.  Anyway, opinions are welcome.  Am I wasting my time?  (Never, cause creative outlets are still good for my soul).  Should I expend my energies elsewhere?




Anyway, any feedback is encouraged, and appreciated.  Hope to see you at Saratoga Con (formerly Chase Con), Oct 22-23rd at the Saratoga City Center.  More on that as it approaches!  And there will be both of these on hand:



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