Bit Suspicious

Some of you know I’ve had issues with Target lately.  One of their customers ordered a load of stuff online, and had an email similar to mine, except mine is really, really old and had no numbers.  Well, this guy typed in my email, not his.  So every time part of his order shipped, I got an email, not him.

Hey, I’m a decent person.  I tried to correct this.  More than once.  Not only because ME getting the emails was vaguely annoying, but also since a fellow consumer was more than likely wondering where his goodies were.

First I was told nothing could be done.  I tried blocking them, to no avail.  I was also told that they would try to contact this customer to get him to correct the email, since they legally can’t change it.  (And while I can understand an honest mistake, unless your email is so damn new it’s bleeding sap, how can you mess that up?  Don’t you double check the info you’ve entered when buying online?  Triple check it?  Cause I do.)

Still the emails came, and I contacted Target again.  One woman emailed me back that I should probably just change my email.  /Boggle?  No, I’ve had it for several years, and it’s also PRINTED ON MY BUSINESS CARDS.  I have now gone from mildly annoyed to downright pissed.  I rip off an angry email.  Because, you know, I’m done playing.  And I get one back, from a different rep, apologizing, saying the first rep will be coached, and that they think the issue is fixed…they did…”something”.

I thought it was fixed, too, because 2 days went by with no more Target emails.  Then, lo, comes the “How did we do on your order” email.  YOU DID EFFING AWFUL BECAUSE YOU’RE STILL EMAILING ME!

Anyway, my assumption is now, well, this dude got all his stuff, maybe it will just stop.

Oh, no.  NOW that particular email has been hacked, and I am getting, daily, multiple undeliverable mail messages.  Someone has hacked that email, and its sending spam, or trying to.  I’ve changed the password, but it’s still happening (a lot less, but happening).

Isn’t that interesting?  It’s my subaccount.  My main account hasn’t been hacked.  My computer hasn’t been hacked.  Only THAT email, which I’ve had for 13 or 14 years (not too long after Roadrunner first hit the market).  And only after this go-round with Target, where one person claimed to “fixed” the issue of them sending me unwanted emails.  Not to mention, they’re known to be prime hacker targets (see what I did there?!)

I’m going to have to phase that email out.  It pisses me off hugely, as I said, because I’ve got it on biz cards, and on a lot of sites.  And certain things I just don’t want flooding my main account.

Time to bring out the barely-used Gmail account.  If you follow my business doings at all, you will eventually get that email.  If you have the Lars email…stop using it.  And if you deal with Target, I recommend you stop.  No, maybe I don’t have rock-solid proof, but for me, things sure do add up in my version of the math, and I’m done with them.

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2 thoughts on “Bit Suspicious

  1. I know, especially one I’ve got on all my cards and have had for years. I’m holding off a little longer, since the activity seems to be winding down. Cross your fingers!

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