This Weekend?

Whoa, went a bit long between posts, eh?  Well, I was studying for a work-related online course, that ate up some time (but got a 90, so worth it).  I have been working on designs for the Zodiac coloring book, although honestly, sales on the Oz coloring book aren’t encouraging (I admit, I am not really sure the best way to promote it, outside spamming FB groups, which I don’t want to do, lest I alienate them, so if anyone else has fantabulous ideas, speak up).

But there is one more busy spurt before hibernation mode, and it begins Sunday, October 2nd.  Yes, I know, it LOOKS like a church, but I’ve been assured its been converted on the inside (and I thought “the venue” was a generic term, but apparently, that’s its real name).

It’s a collectibles show.  Sounds like it will have a bit of everything, so whatever your poison: sports cards, coins, comics, old toys…or me.  There’s even a cosplay contest, something you don’t expect at a sports card show, eh?  Absolutely a mashup worth checking out!!

Also this month:  Saratoga Con (formerly Chase Con) and Albany Comic Con.  So PLEASE, come out and fund my trip to Vegas!

(Kidding.  It’s paid for.  But throw me a twenty so I can drink breakfast at the D&D slots machine…)

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