Welcome September

Ok, I don’t really mean that.  Not much.  I’m a summer baby, and unlike the vast majority of my friends, I will miss 90 degree days, and sweltering nights and broiling sunshiney days, and the oppression before a killer storm.  I will also miss (but others will too, I think) sultry nights where one can eat and drink outside, going to sleep to peeper frogs, crickets, and cicadas, the smell of freshly mown grass (and the accompanying sneezes), the wild variety of fresh produce available in so many open farmers’ markets.  I will even miss reruns, since now I’ll fall further behind in my Netflix and my DVR conflicts.

But, one of my favorite events is the Upper Madison Street Fair.  It’s flat out fun.  Yeah, I’d like to make money, and I usually do, if not a lot, but it’s generally sunshiny and crowded, and there’s all kinds of music from swing to rock, and all that bad, bad fair-type food (bad as in bad for you, taste wise it’s super good), and a great atmosphere.  It’s also only the first block where Madison and Western split, which means there’s a lot to do but it doesn’t require a huge amount of walking (although there are a lot of other very cool businesses on the surrounding blocks, should you feel inclined to explore).

So, September 18th, show up.  It’s 12-5, on a Sunday, and free.  Eat ice cream, bop and groove.  Last year, a church had a table next to us, and while amazingly there were no lightning strikes, they had some volunteer kids making some kickass empanadas and it was for charity!   Come to think of it, maybe this will be the year I try Empanada Llama finally.


You know what is even COOLER?

I’ll have COLORING BOOKS!  BOOOOOOYAH!  It’s only a little one, sort of a test run, but it pairs quite nicely with a copy of Undead Oz, since it’s those characters.  Just in time to be a stocking stuffer with some colored pencils or gel pens, no?  YES!  (And don’t ask me about the name, it was an attempt to be clever that failed).



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