Still working….

On both book 3 (Azzie in my head, yap yap yap) and the Oz coloring book.

Boxer Bark, the best damned bartender evah.


Oh, yeah, and the original drawing, with a dash of color.


Yeah, that one includes Monk.  By the way, if you haven’t read Oz yet (boo hiss), or aren’t aware of the joke within the spoof, Oz is slang for Australia, and there is a decidedly Australian theme throughout (which is why there is fauna like Koalabies and Screamus).  Tiffin is another meal, usually a lunch, and in Australia its a sort of lunch box.  It’s a thing in India as well, a lunch if not a lunch box.  But I was shooting for Australia, and I sort of hamhocked it into more of a second breakfast.

Still, to give you an idea, here’s what one of these companies offers:


Actually, I seem to remember an episode of Top Gear where the boys (the original boys, that is, when the show was funny as hell) had to deliver a bunch of these.

That is your cultural edumacation for today.  A rant?  I’m overdue for a rant.  Let me think.

Other than being woefully behind on both reading and TV, I got nothing (damn you, Netflix!)


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