Coloring Books?

Well, why not?

I know a few people who enjoy coloring.  I know one or two who are very much into the craze, and while I’ve seen some people write articles bashing it, I think it’s great.  I can relate, because I for one, need a creative outlet.  For many years, I stopped doing art, stopped doing theater.  I worked.  Yeah, sometimes I read, but mainly I worked and watched tv.  Those were miserable years.

Creative outlets, be it coloring, drawing, needlework, carving, whatever, are a necessity.  They help us unwind and explore our imagination.  And having joined some coloring groups, I have to say, for all these folks saying they have no talent?  Bullshit.  I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous work out there.

Of course, what’s important isn’t that it’s gorgeous.  It’s the stress it’s taking off your shoulders.  The gorgeous part is a perk.  I color, too, but rarely, only because my time is more devoted to drawing.  I still enjoy it, though.  And when I see what others can do with my drawings?  I’m blown away.


A dear friend who is trying to get me to publish some coloring books (and I plan to) did this from one of my black and white drawings.  She doesn’t think she did it justice.  Me?  I’m flabbergasted.  Maybe it’s an artist thing.  The picture was inspired by me listening to Zepp, and the line “it’s just a spring clean for the May queen” from Stairway.  That line brought this picture out of me, but in my head, I never saw it in color.  I rarely envision anything in color, so when I see what may be a more finalized vision, I’m stunned.


She did this one as well, and my jaw hit the floor.  This one, I sort of did envision in color, because someone had mentioned something about getting a tattoo of Poseidon.  But I never pictured him in fleshtones (and she did an amazing job capturing that).

So…that said, thank you for the inspirations, and if you enjoy it, color away!

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