Disappointment: Vizio

I dared something.  I don’t exactly fear change, but it makes me uncomfortable, but I thought I was long overdue for a TV from this millenium.  Hey, we have a program through work I can get one from.  They take it out of your paycheck.  Painless!

Yeah, painless unless the TV shits the bed THE NIGHT YOU GET IT.

Hooked it up, watched it, all was fine.  Get home from work today, its dead.  Oh, it’s getting power, I’m genius enough to recognize the power light is on.  And I’m genius enough to know to check the connections (I mean, look who I work for).

I go to Vizio chat online.  Reboot it as asked, although as I said, I can tell its getting power.  And this, folks, is the bullshit I got back:

You qualify for a replacement unit. This will be an on site swap in approximately 7-10 business days. We will ship the TV to a local facility in your area. Once they receive the unit, you will be contacted by them to set up a delivery date and time. This will typically be Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm. If the TV is wall mounted less than 5 feet from the floor, we can have them remove the TV from the wall mount for you. We will need to indicate in the order that it is wall mounted or the delivery agent will not remove it from the wall mount. The local delivery company will bring the unit into your home. They’ll unbox it and power it up, but they will not set up or reconnect any cables or accessories. When you receive the replacement unit, please make sure the Delivery Agents power the TV on and you fully inspect the unit for damages or defects. If the unit is damaged or defective you need to refuse delivery and contact VIZIO immediately. If you accept a damaged or defective unit this may void your warranty and may prevent us from shipping another unit to you.

So…when you first delivered it, I got all kinds of nonsense because I don’t get home til after 5, but you only deliver until 5.  You offered a half hour call ahead.  And then called me at work at 4.  I work until 4:30, and with Latham traffic, it still takes about 40 minutes.  In the end, however, they did accomodate me.  Also, admittedly, that may have been the program thru work that set the delivery up, so that may not fall on Vizio.  This time.

Got it hooked up last night.  Was watching it.  Enjoying it.  Looking forward to tonight.  And I get home from work, and whoa, nothing.  Power’s on, as the little blue light tells me, but black screen.  No input, nothing.  Checked and rechecked and redid all connections.  Did the suggested reboot.  Not a glimmer of life.  And that was the response I get.

Not only will I have to square dance around another delivery, but I have to now go almost 2 weeks without TV?  2 nights might be one thing.  2 weeks, an entirely different story.  And they won’t even hook it up?  I asked for a supervisor to call me to complain to, and that guy was as useful as tits on a bull.  He was like “oh, sure, they’ll put it on the stand for you”, I’m like yes but they won’t install it, as in verify its working, they’ll stand around until I inspect it is all, and he said, “oh, right, but you said…”

Oh, now you want to play semantics with me, mothertrucker?

I can’t begin to describe how upset I am.  Another epic fail at life, trying to get myself a birthday present.


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