Origins Part 2

The history of Trials of a Demon Prince goes on…

I said earlier that I’m not sure where the characters Frank, Sun and Moon came from.  There was, however, an early inspiration for Frank.

Kevin Bacon.

Yeah, I said it.  If you look at my early drawings of Frank, and look at Kevin Bacon from Footloose, you can see a little of it: the shape of the nose, the cheekbones…there’s a sort of cute, dorky look.  Difference was, I made Frank somewhat out of shape and with a much sorrier history (and 20+ years older).

I think I made him what I sort of call an Everyman because of the fiction I read as a kid.  It was very typical for my generation of nerds: Piers Anthony (Xanth), the Thomas Covenant books (don’t ask who who wrote them, as if I remember), a lot of Mercedes Lackey (I burned out on that fast, those characters were far too goody-goody for my taste), the Amber books, some Pern.  A lot from the Science Fiction book club, yep (and still have some of them).  Not all, but a lot of these books, have people who are losers/crippled/disadvantaged in this world, only to be amazing in another world.

I decided: not Frank.  Frank is a fail here.  Frank is a fail there.  There are no secret magical abilities (Sun flat-out tells him he is incapable of learning magic).  There is no hidden martial arts/fighting ability; he can barely manage the daily hike, and still needs his smokes.  For me, as a kid, and even now, I can relate more to Frank than most of the protagonists in books.


Now I gotta cut loose…Footloose….kick off your Sunday shoes….

And lastly…Ylithriel.  You won’t believe where the base idea for that World came from. Rocky Horror.  “Sweet Transexual, land of night.”  I thought, ooh yeah, that would make a fine D&D setting, a world where rare, nocturnal creatures aren’t held at bay because it’s always dark!  Scientifically, we flesh it out to a dying sun…genius!  And again, I didn’t go strictly D&D with it, because I didn’t want the parallels to be that blatant.  Granted, there’s only one scene in a town (until Scale), but it’s a vague, nonspecific medieval-style mashup.

That’s where the basics began.  Scale got a little more complicated, since it’s set more in this World, and again, I wanted to be nonspecific, yet close enough that locals would recognize the places I was referring to.   If you’re from this area, you no doubt recognize the Schenectady Amtrak station.  Daryl’s apartment is on Seward, by Union College.  The church is St. Johns, directly across the street from the college (and if you ever want to see some remarkable architecture, check out the interior).  Frank and Reyneart slide off of Route 7 onto Golf Rd, where they see the demons gathering.  Frank’s mother’s house is off New Scotland Ave, in Albany.

Now you know.  And if you haven’t, go read the books.  Figure out the hints.

And one tiny clue: the 3rd book opens in Albany Rural Cemetery.

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