Puppet shows at libraries.  Probably not a thing for most of you, unless you have kids.  July 11th at the Troy Public Library, I believe at 6:30?  And a couple shows at the Colonie Town Library on August 2nd.   Yes, I gave up my birthday to do puppet shows.  Unless they serve vodka at libraries, I’m not really sure why I agreed to that.

Infinity Con at the Lake George Forum, July 9th-10th.  Should be an excellent good time.  This is the time to be bouncing around Lake George, the village is a-poppin’!

A trip to the Renaissance Faire might happen in August.  I hope so.  The Tuxedo one, that is.  Love that place.

Buy books at Amazon, buy prints at #Bozprints on Etsy.  More money means I can get a computer soon.  Book 3 is lookin’ dodgy right now (a lot of things are looking dodgy right now) because this machine is seriously trying to die.

(It’s entitled, for sure.  It’s put in the time and effort.)

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