Albany in the Bag

Another great Con!  Okay, wasn’t too thrilled with the location; I truly feel I would have done better in with other vendors instead of out in the hallway, but still did well, and it was fun being across from the Mandalorian Mercs!  I do believe they’re recruiting, too.



The other complaint was the temps.  Outside the main room, it was brutally hot.  Like a swamp.  Yep, you’re right.  I loved it.  Most normal people didn’t.  The main room was where the AC was, and people flocked there.  I walked through it once or twice, and froze, so far as I’m concerned, I would have needed a parka.  But they had some of the guests upstairs, too, which was a great idea.  Mix it up, spread the people out.

And awesome costumes as always.  Rey and BB8, looking good and beeping.


Deadpools…one can NEVER get enough Deadpool!


Also sighted: Hellboy, the Penguin, Prince, a few Harleys, Black Panther (with attendant kitten), Cap’n America, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, Casifer (Castiel with Lucifer inside), Black Widow, and many more!  I’ll post pics from my table at a later date.

Up next: Paws Along the Mohawk, June 11th…a very worthy cause and more craft-oriented.  See ya there!

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