A Smaller Rant

I hate the social media versions of chain letters, and I don’t pass them along, or post them to my wall.  One sort of pissed me off the other day.  It was about cancer, and there was a line in the middle of it that was something like “I know most of you don’t give a hoot about cancer because it hasn’t touched you…”

Seriously?  Because I don’t post this stupid shit onto my wall, I don’t care about cancer?  My dad died from it.  His dad died from it.  I know a LOT of people who died from it, and I know a few who have survived it, too.  So, don’t presume I haven’t been touched by cancer because I choose not to spam the equivalent of a chain letter to my friends.  I care, and I know they care.  And most of them have been touched by cancer, too.

And posting that isn’t going to suddenly cure cancer.  Likewise, typing “amen”isn’t going to miraculously cure anything, or bring buckets of cash to you.  Unless you really believe in a cosmic being who does nothing all day but follow Facebook.   “Why, those ungrateful humans.  After all I’ve done…that’s it.  5000 amens, or I smite that little brat right off the face of the earth.”

Granted, the person who posted that probably didn’t even read it that closely.  Which is another beef with this nonsense.  People put up anything now, mindlessly, including some stuff intended to scare people (plastic bottles cause breast cancer or terrorists are luring your children to jobs to kidnap them or axe murderers are hiding out at gas stations).  People think they’re helping, and all they’re doing is spreading rumors and fear.  Whenever I see one of these, I check Snopes.  If it’s legit, and a real threat, ok, I will post it.  If it’s crap, I will publicly debunk it.  If its simply stupid, I will ignore it, maybe even hide it.

If you really want to spread word about cancer, or any other cause you deem worthy, yes, social media is a good starting point.  But post something worthwhile.  Post a link to donate to the American Cancer Society.  Post a link to donate to a shelter, or the ASPCA.  Sick child?  Post a link to donate to them, or their family, or even an address just to send a card so they know they’re in someone’s thoughts.

Just stop spreading ignorance.

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