Win at Syracuse

What an awesome Con!  So worth the drive (not even 2.5 hours).  It was absolutely packed.  And if you’re a shopper, yes, there is a lot of the same, if you frequent Cons, but there was also some different stuff.  Different artists, too.  The Ghostbusters of Upstate NY are based out of here, and they’re a pretty cool group!  They had a raffle going yesterday to benefit a children’s hospital.  No job is too big, no fee is too big?


Minion Susan’s awesome ink.  The colors are so vivid, it looks like a decal on her arm!

Anyway, the opening seemed slow, until we found out that it was just taking time for folks to get in…the line was around the building.  After the first hour, things took off in a huge way.  We were swamped by familiar faces from Albany and new faces from Syracuse and surrounding towns.  It was GREAT!


Puppets drew attention, but haven’t sold yet.  Guess they’re too cost-prohibitive.  They’re too much work for me to drop the price, so there won’t be more forthcoming for a while.


One valuable lesson, and this was voiced by Minion Thom (great idea!) was that the books should be grouped in a more prominent spot.  I’d always had them at one end of the table, but front and center, sales were extremely good yesterday.  Good as in I had to order more copies of Break for Albany Con, cause I had one left at the end of the day.  Count ’em, one.


Likewise, we grouped the art by category: Zodiac, Tarot, and Shakespeaks together.  That kind of organization helped people, and sold prints.  (To be fair, this was the first Con where I had enough of all 3 categories to do that).  This also may not be possible at future Cons; here I had 2 tables so a lot of space to play with.  But…we’ll see.  Success is success is success.

So one last reminder, while some original prints are now gone, there are LIMITED copies on BozPrints on Etsy.  Otherwise, hope to see you in 2 weeks at Albany Comic Con!!

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