Sweet, sweet spring!  Don’t know about you, but when I’m out, and I see the different shades of green all around, fresh leaves burst from their buds, shrubs in bloom, robins bouncing in the grass…it’s uplifting, isn’t it?  Ok, winter wasn’t bad at all this year, so I didn’t complain, but still, the green is back…everything in winter is still grey and dead.  Now back to the blue and green!

And in 2 weeks?  A trek to Syracuse!


Super excited for this, to see a new market.  I haven’t been to Syracuse in years, and that was for puppetry-related things: guild meeting for PGUNY and a trip to see the Open Hand folks (excellent puppet theater if you have kids…or if you don’t).  Going to be exhausting, being a 3-hour drive, but crossing my fingers that it will be financially worth it…and no doubt it will be flat out fun regardless.

If you can’t get out there, well, there is the Etsy shop to get prints from, or Amazon for books.  And I’ll be at Albany Comic Con June 5th, the Spring Fling Paws Along the Mohawk craft show June 11th, Infinity Con July 9-10…and who the frig remembers what else.  There are also puppet shows in between there at assorted libraries…COME OUT AND SEE MEH!

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