A Couple WTFs

WTF (as in why, not what) can’t anyone get my prescriptions right?  I go to the doc’s every 4 months, and he renews everything, and without fail, someone botches it up.  I don’t know where to lay the blame.  He sends it to my pharmacy.  I know this.  I’ve stood there and watched him do it.  So then I go to the pharmacy, and of the 5 scrips, they’ve got 2.  One they had to order and it’ll be there tomorrow.  Fair enough; I’ve got a couple left.  The other two they didn’t get.  How does that happen?  Did the fax or text cut off?  So they tell me, well we faxed your doctor that we didn’t get these two.

So back I come the next day, and sure, they got the one that was ordered, but the other two?  Nope, nothing, nada.  Again…WTF??  This time I call the doctor.  No one knows why they didn’t get this, or what sector of space these faxes or texts or whatever are going to.  I mean, FFS, I got enough beef with the insurance companies, now the pharmacy and the doctor need to step in and play havoc, too?  Those other 2 scrips better be there tomorrow, because while the pharmacy is only 4 blocks from my house, I’m a little tired of having to stop there every night.

And WTF Niagara Mohawk…I mean National Greed…I mean National Grid.  Big monster trucks perma-parked at the end of the street (and gosh, parking is such a cluster here anyway, thanks for compounding the issue).  Suddenly, I get home, and right around 6 pm, that’s when you start digging?  WTF did you people do all day?  Like the neighborhood really wants to sit down to dinner, or watch the news, listening to you tear up the road as background music.  Man, I wish I still had the picture of the guy sleeping in the back of his truck.


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One thought on “A Couple WTFs

  1. About twenty years or more ago there was a huge ice storm in the fall. My boyfriend got a pic of the NiMo guys sitting around all day while the whole area he lives in was the last to get their power back. They are known for this bullshit so they can collect outrageous overtime. Some things never change.

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