Gentle reminders:

Chase Con.  I’ma be there, both days, with books and art, and puppets.  I would say with bells on, but that would be a lie.  I prefer stealth.

Taxes.  Suck.  Enough said.

Buy my books, dammit.  Buy lots of books.  Ok, buy them on Nook and Kindle and be kind to trees, but really, feed your head.  You know, your brain needs exercise, like your body.  It’s one of the best defenses against senility.  I’m also a fan of crossword puzzles, which is why I know stupid rare words that no one else does.

Buy my artwork.  Buy any artwork, but buy from, and support, local artists.  And local bitty businesses.  Then you know your money is going back into the community.  When you buy at Walmart, granted, their employees spend in the community, but the bulk of your money goes where?  Their shareholders?  Sam Walton?  People who already make 6 or 7 figures and probably aren’t spending any of that anywhere that benefits you.  For the record, I don’t shop there anyway, because I despise the way they treat people.  YMMV.  My stuff is on Etsy under Boz Prints; but take note, there is a lot of nice stuff on Etsy.  Much of it is unique.

If nothing else, give my shop a look, a like, maybe a favorite.  YAH!

Tomorrow, hug someone.  Or say something really nice.  Just a compliment on their eyes, or their shoes, or anything.  Make someone smile.  It’s karma, and it comes around.

Animals.  Enjoy their sense of wonder.  Embrace it.  Spirit goes through every day as if he’s never seen me, or the house, or the blanket, or the chair, or the couch, before.  Maybe he’s a little brain-damaged, but it still reminds us to keep our eyes open, and our minds as well, for new things, or new takes on old things.  I’m told children have this sense of wonder, too, but I try to avoid them.  Seriously, if you can’t discuss Supernatural, gaming, or football with me…what’s the point?


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