On a Short, Short Break

Here comes Easter!  Oh, wait.  I don’t celebrate Easter.  Even growing up, Easter was that “meh” holiday that didn’t mean too much.  Who the hell even knows when it is?  One of those religious things, is it?  4th Sunday after Lent plus two weeks unless it’s a leap year then divide by purple?  And may I remind you of a rather traumatic experience where I stopped down to visit my father one Easter, and saw a white chocolate rabbit sitting on the table, and for a moment, thought it was for me.

Nope.  It was for the dog.  (In his defense, this was quite some time ago, considering he’s been gone 21 years now, and it wasn’t so widely known how bad chocolate is for dogs).  But the man also forgot my birthday once.  So there.  It wasn’t just Sixteen Candles.  That shit DID and DOES happen.

The one project I was working on and couldn’t post is done and over with:


The pops were a blast to work with; I ordered another one and started doing Sun.  If he comes out, I’ll eventually get to all the characters, but at least now I’m not on a deadline.  (Side note, wedding was beautiful, cupcakes were yummy…I’m not a big fan of cake anyway so I embrace this idea fully).

Also some interesting ideas happening for the 3rd book.  DarkStar has been talking in my head again.  Powerful sorceress and drama queen supreme.

Wait ’til the cons.  I will have her at my side.  You’ll see.  Very much looking forward to it, and yes, I will have hard copies of Scale on hand.

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